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Looking for collaborators worldwide long-term.

   We are looking for collaborators worldwide for reprogramming and optimizing engine ECU through Chiptuning.
   We offer software verification services with professional ECU reprogramming equipment.
   First of all we are intersted in working with motor service, companies, physical person, etc.
   First we want a partnership based on service quality and seriousness.

   - File modification time 1 hour

   - The price differs depending on the type of engine computer ECU, please contact us by message or phone for more information.
   - We can also collaborate remotely by COURIER, send your engine computer ECU and on the day it arrives we will make your requests and the ECU will leave for you in a few hours.

   We are available for technical guidance, complete support for software read and write operations, regardless of the equipment you use and the auto diagnosis.
   We use original equipment and licensed software and upgrades to date.

   - We put forward aid regarding the equipment aquisitions for files reading
   - We put forward aid for data reading from the ECU injection computer

   - We convert received files and return them via e-mail within an hour
   - You can send us the computer via courier/express and in 24 hours we will send it back

   - For these above services our recommendation is to be used in the field of motorsport and in accordance with the laws of your country.

      How to reprogram the car`s computer engine?
   The first step is to extract the data from the engine ECU using specific chiptuning tools.
   The second one is to send us the file via e-mail, we make the changes and return the file.
   The third step is for you to upload back inside the ECU engine the file you received from us.

   Our files are not processed with EcuSafe or Volta Software !
   You can use these programes yourself without our intervention.
   You must state if the sotware has been modified before with these programes.

   The files are handmade.
   The rest of the errors maps remain intact !
   The solutions are used by us and tested over time.

   Never use a software without a full auto diagnosis on arrival.
   All the sensors must remain there, properly connected and without being faulty.
   We will specify when they need to be deconnected, there are some special cases.

Date de contact

   Va stam la dispozitie la urmatoarele numere de telefon, contacteaza-ne prin email sau foloseste formularul de contact.

Locatie: Bucuresti

Telefon: 0730 788 720


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